2018 Flour Child Parking Lot


Parking lot construction behind Flour Child is finished!

Percentage Complete: 100%

Project Updates

  • April 4, 2018: On April 9, 2018 parking lot improvements are scheduled to begin. All businesses will remain open. View the Notice to Business Owners (PDF).
  • April 18, 2018: Construction is set to begin on Monday, April 23, 2018. When crews are ready to begin they will barricade the entrances. Please feel free to utilize the parking lot until you see the entrances blocked off. Thank you for your patience!
  • April 27, 2018: Beginning Monday, April 30, 2018, the drive on Bridge Street will be removed. A sidewalk detour will be in place and should last approximately 7 days. Please use caution while navigating around the construction site.
  • June 1, 2018: The driveway approaches and sidewalks will be removed and reconstruction will begin. A sidewalk detour will be in place for approximately 7 days. Please use caution while navigating around the construction site!
  • June 15, 2018: Pedestrian walkways have been established and paving is currently in progress. A second layer will be completed and striping is planned for next week. The parking lot is scheduled to be open by Friday, June 22, 2018 (please note that this date is tentative on weather and other circumstances).
  • June 21, 2018: The Flour Child/Domino's parking lot is open and ready for use! Thank you so much for your patience during this improvement project!

Project Summary & Location

Coming soon, a beautifully renovated parking lot behind Flour Child and Dominos! Beginning April 9, 2018, the parking lot located between East Scott and East Jefferson Streets will be closed to traffic and parking as major reconstruction is tentatively scheduled to begin. Parking will not be permitted during the construction. Please find alternative public parking options, including the newly renovated library parking lot. Construction is expected to be completed by June 15, 2018. Please use caution while navigating around the construction site.

The parking lot improvements will better accommodate parking, improve traffic flow, and increase pedestrian-friendly walkways. We love downtown Grand Ledge as much as you do; we will try to keep as much access to the parking lot available as possible. Thank you for your patience as we work together to improve the infrastructure critical to our collective success!

Maps & Plans

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Construction Photos

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