2018 M-43 Water Tower Renovation


The water tower renovation is complete!

Percentage Complete: 100%

Project Summary & Location

What's Happening

The water tower south of M-43 will be getting a major renovation and face-lift this summer! The water tower was constructed in 1971 and has received four coats of paint since then. This means there are layers of paint on the tower that need to be safely removed and contained before it can be properly updated and repainted. The access hatch and railing at the top of the tower will also be updated for safety reasons.

The project is expected to begin mid-April and last approximately six weeks.

Update June 15, 2018: The water tower has been washed and painted. We anticipate the tower being in service again the first week in July.

How It Works

A framework is attached to the tower that will allow crews to safely and carefully remove existing paint by sandblasting down to bare metal. Every day a large curtain is raised around the tower to contain the dust created by sandblasting. This allows the debris to be contained, collected and disposed of appropriately. Crews them prime the areas sandblasted each day, to avoid rusting. The sandblasting process is anticipated to continue over 2 to 3 weeks. When the tower is cleaned and primed the new logo (depicted in the following slideshow) will be painted on the tower.

Water Tower Location

Water Tower Location Map

Before & After Concept

Water Tower Before and After Concept

Project in Progress

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