Artistic Bike Racks

Illustrative & Functional Bike Racks

The City of Grand Ledge was awarded an exciting opportunity to add more public art to the already vibrant landscape in our community. Grand Ledge was one of three recipients of a $10,000 Public Art Grant to commission and install a new piece of public art for year-round display. This project was made possible by a grant from the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) with support from the PNC Foundation. Flatlanders Sculpture Supply out of Blissfield, Michigan created these wonderful bike rack concepts that highlight our rich historic culture and natural landscape.

You can find these bike racks along the Riverwalk Trail in Island Park and Jaycee Park, and in the library parking lot. The fun concepts visually represent the historic island rollercoaster that was once on Island Park in the 1890s, our fishing and boating along the Grand River, and our wonderful public library book owl. These bike racks are installed and ready to be used and enjoyed by residents and visitors!

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