Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority promotes economic growth and revitalization within the City’s business districts along Bridge St., Clinton St. and Saginaw Hwy.

It is a thirteen-member board made up of City residents and non-residents, with a majority of the board having an interest in property within the Development District and at least one member residing in the District. The Mayor appoints twelve members to the DDA for four-year terms expiring 01 August and the Mayor serves as the thirteenth member during their Mayoral term. The DDA regularly meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 310 Greenwood St.

For more information about the Downtown Development Authority, contact the City Manager, Adam Smith at or at (517) 627-1249. Agendas, meeting packets, and minutes are available online. 


Terrance Augustine 2021
Vicki Paski 2018
Robert Brown 2018
Chris Fata 2021
Michael Fredericks 2021
Karl Glarner 2020
Andrew Archer 2022
Bruce MacDowell 2020
Lise Mitchell 2021
Keith Mulder 2020
Thom Sowle, Mayor 2022
Amy Hoyes 2021
Dana Beattie 2021

*Members continue to serve beyond term expiration until a successor has been appointed.