No Lead in GL

Together, with your help, we can ensure no lead in GL!

In every effort to reduce potential risk, the City of Grand Ledge is tracking and identifying the location of any lead components within the water system. New guidelines set forth by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) requires public water entities to report the type of service line that leads to every home or business it services. When left undisturbed, lead components do not pose a safety risk; but identifying locations of any lead components is crucial to maintaining the water system. We have started tracking this information, but we need your help by self-reporting the type of service line you have in your home or business. Informational PDF Download

Multi-family homes (multi-unit/duplex etc.) and businesses will be inspected by the Department of Public Services

Single-family homes begin self-reporting by following three simple steps below:

1) Identify the location of your service line. Identify where your meter is located (typically in the basement) near an exterior wall. The water service line will come through the wall or floor and connect to the meter. NOTE: Some homes or businesses have "pit meters" located in a pit in the yard (front yard usually). Please contact the city at 517-627-2149 if you believe you have a pit meter, do not attempt to self-report. 

2) Determine the service line material. Use the following guide to identify the service line material. If the service line pipe is corroded or in otherwise poor condition, only perform the magnet test! Stop by City Hall to pick up a GL magnet!

  • Plastic/PVC: Easy to identify, colors may vary, will not attract a magnet.
  • Copper: Will not attract a magnet, reveals shiny "new penny" color when scratched.
  • Galvanized Steel: Will attract a magnet, reveals silver/white color when scratched.
  • Lead: Will not attract a magnet, reveals silver/white color when scratched.

4) Take a photo of the service line - highly recommended (necessary for prize entry/ Click here for exclusions

3) Self-report using one of the following methods.

*Name, service address, type of pipe material required

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