Abrams Airport


Open Date: Saturday, August 17, 2019. The airport runway project is complete!





Runway 9/27 at Abram's Municipal Airport will be under construction beginning July 8, 2019. The improvements also include the installation of new PAPI lights. These improvement projects will impact the use of both runways at Abrams Municipal Airport; 9/27 will be under reconstruction and 18/36 will be closed for construction traffic. 

As weather conditions have had an impact on the original start date, please note the construction timeline has been pushed back one week.

Week of July 8, 2019: Open – Use Caution: During this period, expect surveyors to be present.  Contractors may begin staging equipment, vehicles, and materials.  While Abram’s Municipal Airport will be open during this time, we urge pilots and airport visitors to use extreme caution while navigating runways during this time.

Week of July 15, 2019: Closed to All Air Traffic: Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin on July 8, 2019, and is anticipated to last approximately thirty-seven (37) days.  During this period Abram’s Municipal Airport is closed to all air traffic.

Open Date - Saturday, August 17, 2019: Construction is nearly 100% completed and the airport runway is now open.

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