Abrams Municipal Airport Advisory Commission

Abrams Municipal Airport Advisory Commission

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An eleven member board with nine members appointed by the Mayor and affirmed by the City Council for three-year terms expiring the second Monday in January.  One of these nine members must be a representative of the Michigan National Guard, as long as the Michigan National Guard is a major user of the Abrams Municipal Airport. The remaining two members are appointed by the Eagle Township Board of Trustees as long as the “City of Grand Ledge/Eagle Township contract for conditional transfer of property 1984 PA 425,” dated February 14, 2000, remains in effect.  An additional ex-officio member is appointed by the Mayor for a one-year term expiring December 31.

For more information about the Airport Advisory Commission contact City Manager/Airport Manager, Adam Smith at asmith@cityofgrandledge.com or at (517) 627-2149. Agendas, meeting packets, and minutes are available online. 

Board Member *Term Expires
Michigan National Guard, Rep. (Vacant) --
Todd Fitzpatrick 2020
Vacancy 2021
Helen Hagg 2020
Daniel Harris 2020
Ryan Humphrey 2022
Tom Jancek (Alternative) 2021
Peter Manina 2021
David Powers 2018
John Rowland 2021
Patti Schafer (Eagle Township, Rep.) --
Mark Wilkins (Eagle Township, Rep.) --
Adam Smith, Airport Manager --
Amee King, Asst. Airport Manager --

*Members continue to serve beyond term expiration until a successor has been appointed.