Water and Sewer Disputes Committee

Water and Sewer Disputes Committee

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The Water and Sewer Disputes Committee reviews disputes filed by water and sewer customers concerning rates, charges, and billings for water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer.

It is a five-member board made up of two Council members appointed by the Mayor for terms coinciding with their Council terms, the Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent, Utilities Superintendent, and the Utility Billing Clerk. The Committee meets as needed to hear disputes, in Meeting Room B106, City Hall, 310 Greenwood St.

For more information about the Water and Sewer Disputes Committee, contact the Utility Billing Clerk via nhendrickson@cityofgrandledge.com or at (517) 622-7921.


David Gutchess, Waste Water Treatment Plant Superintendent  --
Kurt Ristow, Utilities Superintendent  --
Keith Mulder, Council Member 2019
Tom Jancek, Council Member 2020
Nikki Hendrickson, Utility Billing Clerk  --

*Members continue to serve beyond term expiration until a successor has been appointed.