Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To use every resource available to make Grand Ledge residents safe in their businesses and homes and to use every resource available to make Grand Ledge residents feel safe in their businesses and homes.

Policing Philosophy

Being safe and feeling safe require combining different policing approaches. These approaches are reflected in the two pronged approach of our department’s community policing philosophy, Community Building and Law enforcement:

  • Community Building: Working with communities to identify the quality of life issues, in the community, that could lead to crime; and using government and community resources to address those issues.
  • Law Enforcement: Educating the community about the requirements of the law; enforcing the law and investigating violations of law.

Vision Statement

In policing, like any organization, the actions of its employees and its method of operation should always be based on a common vision of how that organization operates. The Grand Ledge Police Department bases its operations on the Vision Statement Police and Community building together.