Lamson / Liberty / E Kent


May 18, 2020 - Wet weather has caused a few delays. Crews have finished installing sewer and watermains on Liberty and Lamson Streets. After all the appropriate testing is completed on the new water main, crews will begin installing individual water service lines to homes on Liberty between Scott and Lincoln. Please expect noise, dust, heavy construction traffic, and an increase in staged materials on adjacent streets. Thank you for your patience!




Below you will find notices that have gone out to residents in the project areas:

Functioning critical infrastructure is imperative during response to the COVID-19 emergency for both public health and safety, as well as community well-being. The age and condition of the water and sewer systems in this project area deem this project critical. We understand that many in this area are home during the day or have additional family members home. The City of Grand Ledge is committed to limiting the impacts your household may experience as a result of this project. We sincerely appreciate your patience and cooperation.


Project Location: E. Kent St. (Degroff to Jenne), Lamson St. (E. Kent to Jenne), Liberty St. (E. Kent to Scott), E. South St. (E. Kent to Park), Taylor St. (Lamson to Jenne) - The project will include water main replacement (including water services to the shut-off near the sidewalk), city sanitary sewer replacement, storm water drainage improvements, and street reconstruction. The street portion of the project will include removal of the existing surface, installation of a sand and gravel road base, and application of new pavement. The existing curb, gutter, and driveway approaches in the project area will also be replaced as part of the work. The contractor for the project is E.T. Mackenzie, Co., of Grand Ledge, MI.

While many portions of each street project will happen simultaneously, a large portion of active construction will happen on one street at a time, in phases as follows:

  • PHASE I: Liberty St. (E. Kent to Scott) (Apr. 13 – Aug. 1)
  • PHASE II: Lamson St. (E. Kent to Jenne) / Taylor St. (Lamson to Jenne) (May 4 – Sep. 1)
  • PHASE III: E. Kent St. (Degroff to Jenne) / E. South St. (E. Kent to Park) (Jun. 1 – Oct. 1)

Please note E. South and Taylor are full street removals and minor concrete repairs, but will not include infrastructure replacement. Weather conditions, especially rain, can impact the start and/or completion of the construction project, please understand the schedule is tentative and subject to change. 

Vibrations caused by soil compaction during construction may cause slight water discoloration in your home. The discoloration is caused by sediment and natural minerals deposits coming loose in water lines. The discoloration does not pose a safety concern and can be flushed by waiting approximately 30 minutes for crews to stop work, or move from the area, then run cold water in a sink or bathtub until clear. Thank you for your patience!