SPLASHPAD IS CURRENTLY: CLOSED FOR SEASON [COVID-19: Splashpad remains closed at this time and will not be open Memorial Day weekend, thank you for your understanding!]

HOURS & OPERATION: The GL Splashpad is open daily, from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM depending on weather, through Labor Day weekend.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The 2,000 square foot splashpad has 19 water sprays within different spray zones allowing visitors to choose how much they are sprayed. The splashpad is universally accessible, making it the first amenity of this kind in all of the City’s 13 parks and open spaces. Two additional handicap parking spaces with ramp access to the splashpad have been added along East River Street. A 3-foot high bollard with a large button located on the splashpad activates the water sprays when pressed. The water sprays are set on a timer allowing it to only be in use when visitors have engaged the button.

IS THERE A COST FOR ADMISSION? No, The GL Splashpad is free for all visitors to utilize!

WHERE CAN WE SIT? A rock wall provides seating that overlooks the Splashpad and the Grand River. We encourage guests to utilize this and the plush green areas surrounding the splashpad, many guests choose to bring a blanket, towels, or folding chairs to sit and enjoy the park. 


Water Works!

DETAILS: The City of Grand Ledge has 13,700 feet of the Grand River running through the heart of our downtown. Nearly 70% of the Grand River is accessible from six of our 13 City parks, spectacular views are everywhere! While the Grand River is excellent for fishing, boating, and paddling, there are limited options for swimming within the city and in the summer, kids want to play in the water!

Jaycee Park is 5.92 acres of pristine park land, situated along the Grand River. The GL Splashpad occupies an under-utilized area in the park, while offering visitors a Universally Accessible playground amenity. While the kids cool off with the dancing water spray features, parents and grandparents can relax along built-in natural rock wall seating or join them in the fun! Located at the southern end of Jaycee Park, the GL Splashpad allows visitors of all abilities to splash around while enjoying other popular park activities like Music in the Park, Movies in the Park, Farmers Market, and many more.

Community Works!

WE DID IT GRAND LEDGE! With your help, we were able to raise community support dollars that exceed our goal! This incredible community project would not have been a reality without the support of our 175+ donors. One hundred percent of the funds raised will support the splashpad project, additional funds above the original goal will be utilized to enhance the splashpad. To all of those who chose to be recognized and those who gave anonymously, thank you!