Public Services


The City of Grand Ledge Department of Public Services (DPS) is responsible for the City's infrastructure and operating all equipment that supports maintenance functions. The Department of Public Service is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the activities of the following divisions:

Public Services

  • City Streets & Sidewalks
    • Clean, repair, and restore manholes and catch basins
    • Install and maintain street/traffic signs
    • Leaf and Christmas Tree pick-up
    • Maintaining roadside weeds
    • Paint/strip city crosswalks and streets
    • Right-of-way tree trimming and removal
    • Snow removal and salting of city streets and parking lots
  • Sanitary Sewer System & Wastewater Treatment
  • Stormwater Management

Public Works

  • City Airport, Facilities, and Parks
    • Maintenance, special projects, general improvements
  • Compost & Recycling Centers
    • Daily operations and land movement to keep the compost center consistently turned and ready pass-holder's yard waste.
  • Oakwood Cemetery
    • Site preparation for full burials and cremains
    • Daily maintenance and site keeping
  • Water System and Treatment
    • Cleaning of sanitary sewers and manholes
    • Bi-annual Hydrant Flushing and hydrant repair
    • Maintenance and replacement of water shut-offs
    • Maintenance of over 47 miles of City water main
    • Pump station maintenance
    • Staking water/sewer for Miss Dig
    • Water/Sewer meter installation, repair, and reading

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