How can I help as a community member?
  • Reduce your speed while driving when roads are slick with ice and snow
  • DO NOT follow too closely behind snow removal equipment
  • Please remind children NOT to play in or near snow piles by the roadway
  • Avoid parking on streets during heavy snowfall if possible and familiarize yourself with our Odd/Even Overnight Parking Ordinance
  • DO NOT shovel or plow snow onto the street 
  • Notify City Hall of poor street conditions: 517-627-2149

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1. At what point will the city take action and start to plow?
2. How does the city prioritize streets for plowing?
3. Does the city spread salt on the streets and sidewalks?
4. What is the city ordinance regarding snow removal?
5. How can I help as a community member?
6. How can I adopt my fire hydrant?
7. How can I avoid trucks plowing in my driveway?
8. What if a snowplow hits my mailbox?